E-Mediation and mediation by teleconferencing

Muswell Hill Mediation offers online mediations with a live mediator, using teleconferencing software, for all kinds of disputes. This can have a number of advantages.

Increased convenience for both parties

E-mediation can be more convenient,especially when the two parties live a long distance apart. It avoids having to waste time on long-distance travelling, and it makes timetabling and arranging an appointment easier. 

Reducing costs

E-mediation can reduce costs. Finding premises is no longer necessary. E-mediation is particularly suitable for low-value disputes and disputes that can be solved quickly.

Avoiding stress

If there is strong antagonism between the parties then teleconferencing can be less stressful than having to meet face-to-face. Some people are simply unwilling to be in the same room as one another. There may be even be suggestions of intimidation or threatening behaviour.

Disadvantages of e-mediation

There are also disadvantages to e-mediation. Many people feel it lacks the immediacy, warmth and rapport of a normal meeting, and the loss of non-verbal clues can hinder communication. The dynamics of talking in a group, use of body-language and making eye-contact with others, is lost. And some people find the technological challenges are too difficult.

How does e-Mediation work?

The preparation and build-up to an e-mediation is exactly the same as for a standard one. Parties exchange information with the mediator and sign an Agreement to Mediate. The mediator will have a pre-mediation phone call with each participant. In addition, the participants will set up the teleconferencing on their devices and have a brief training session. 

During the actual mediation the parties can talk to one another together in an online conference, or they can go into online breakout rooms and speak confidentially with the mediator.

When an agreement is reached at the end of the mediation then online documents can be distributed to sign.

Software for teleconferencing and e-mediation.

Our preferred tool is Zoom. We organise this via our partnership with the Mediator Network, who will help you get set up with it. 

E-Mediation or face to face?

We want to find the most economic and effective way to conduct mediation.