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In the present circumstances we are able to conduct all mediations online using Zoom. For more details please see our page about E-Mediation.

Mediation may be the quickest way to move forwards.

A fresh approach towards resolving conflict… Creative, innovative and full of energy.

Richard Marks.

The benefits of solving disputes by mediation

  • Mediation is successful in 80% of disputes. If it fails then clients can still go to court. Nothing in the process of mediation will weaken their case. You will stay in control.
  • Mediation is cheaper, faster and more convenient than going to court. It doesn’t look for winners or losers; it looks for solutions.
  • Evidence and settlements are heard in private. There is no need for rivals or competitors to hear the details of your business.
  • Mediation is informal, creative and personally customised. Our aim is to help you find a solution that works for you.

What Problems we can help you with?

Money and financial disputes.

Dealing with difficult  colleagues.

Legal, property, personal.

Employment and recruitment.

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E-Mediation makes it possible to mediate even when you are far apart.

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Dr Richard Marks


Richard is a hospital doctor with extensive managerial experience. He is a trained mediator and registered with the Civil Mediation Council for Civil, Commercial, Workplace and Employment cases.

The benefits of mediation

There are two key benefits of mediation that give it great advantages over court and formal legal processes.

Keep control

Detailed areas of mediation

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